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Kailasa temple, Kailasanatha temple

Maharashtra, Aurangabad

Located in Ellora, Maharashtra, Kailasa temple or Kailasanatha temple (Cave 16) is one of the largest rock-cut ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the most remarkable cave temples in India because of its size, architecture and sculptural treatment. A megalith carved out of one single rock, the Kailasanatha temple is one of the 32 cave temples and monasteries collectively known as the Ellora Caves. The Kailasa temple construction was attributed to the 8th century Rashtrakuta king Krishna I in 756-773 CE. However, some other parts of the temple complex was commissioned by later rulers.


There is no doubt that the Kailasa temple was commissioned by a Rashtrakuta ruler, generally attributed to the Rashtrakuta king Krishna I (r. 756-773 CE), based on two epigraphs that link the temple to "Krishnaraja".The Baroda copper-plate inscription (c. 812-813 CE) of Karkaraja II (a ruler of a Rashtrakuta branch of Gujarat) mentions Krishnaraja as the patron of Kailasanatha, and also it mentions a Shiva temple at Elapura (Ellora). It states th...View more


The temple architecture shows traces of Pallava and Chalukya styles. The entrance to the temple courtyard features a low gopuram. Most of the deities at the left of the entrance are Shaivaite (followers of Lord Shiva) while on the right hand side the deities are Vaishnavaites (followers of Lord Vishnu). A two-storeyed gateway opens to reveal a U-shaped courtyard. The courtyard is edged by a columned arcade three stories high. The arcades are punc...View more

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Ellora occupies a relatively flat rocky region of the Western Ghats. Ancient volcanic activity in this area created many layered basalt formations, known as Deccan Traps. Formed during the volcanic activity of the Cretaceous geological period, one such west-facing cliff houses the Ellora Caves. Its vertical face made access to many layers of rock formations easier, enabling architects to pick basalt with finer grains for more detailed sculpting.

Location and Contact

Ellora, Maharashtra 431102

By Road:
Aurangabad is the nearest city to Kailasa temple and it is well connected with them by road. From Aurangabad bus and taxi services available to reach Kailasa temple. Aurangabad is also well connected by state transport buses from major cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Satara, Kolhapur and Ahmednagar.

How to Reach Kailasa Temple Ellora from Mumbai: To travel from Mumbai to Kailashnath temple head towards Thane - Kasara - Igatpuri - Nashik. From Nashik you can reach Kailasa Temple via Kopergaon or Andarsul.

How to Reach Kailasa Temple Ellora from Pune: To travel from Pune to Kailashnath temple head towards Shikrapur - Ranjangaon - Shirur - Supe - Ahmednagar - Newasa - Limbe Jalgaon - Daulatabad - Kailasa Temple.

How to Reach Kailasa Temple Ellora by Train:
Aurangabad is the nearest railway station to reach Kailasa temple which is situated around 30 kms from the temple. There are direct trains available from the major cities in Maharashtra; like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmednagar, Nashik etc. to reach Aurangabad.
By Air:
Aurangabad airport is located at about 15 kms from the Kailasa temple and it is the closest airport to the Kailasa temple. Aurangabad airport is well connected to major cities of Maharashtra and India. One may fly to Aurangabad and reach Kailasa temple by any local transport.

Additional Info

  1. Hotel Kailas
  2. SBI ATM, HDFC ATM, Bank of Maharashtra ATM

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