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Hanseswari Temple Complex

West Bengal, Hooghly

Located in the town of Banshberia at Hooghly District, West Bengal, Hangseswari temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Hangseswari. There is another temple besides the main temple - Ananta Basudeba temple. It was King Nrisingha Dev Rai who started to build the famous Temple of Hanseswari, but, soon after his death in 1802, it was his wife Rani Shankari who completed the temple construction in 1814. Today, it is one of the must-see destinations in West Bengal. At present, the place is an archeological site and is maintained by the Archeological Survey of India


According to the legends, while staying in Varanasi from 1792 to 1798, King Nrisingha Dev Rai was studying the "Six cyclic centers (Six Chakras)" in the human body system. This is also known as "Kundalini" in Shastra. He was about to visit Britain, but he cancelled the tour and immediately came back to Bengal to start building the Hanseswari Temple. The King spent around 1 lakh currency in making the beautiful edifice. The marbleswere brought fro...View more


The Hanseswari temple of Bansberia is one of the manmade wonders, created during the 19th century. The temple complex has 13 towers and the highest one is 27.5 meters. Each of the peaks of the towers is carved in Lotus shape.  The architecture represents the "Tantrik Satchakrabhed". The six storey temple is built like a human body that has Ira, Pingala, Bajraksha, Sushumna and Chitrini.Within the premise, the terracotta Ananta Basudeba Templ...View more

Darsan Info

Timings : The best time to visit this site is at 10 Am in the morning and at 5.00 Pm in the evening. The temple remains closed during the afternoon.

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Location and Contact

Garhbari, Bansberia, West Bengal 712502

Buses, trains, and rental cars are available to reach Bansberia. Both Local and express trains are available from Howrah Station.

Additional Info

  1. Hotel Aquatic Palace E2XG, Part, WBIIDC Growth Center, Kalyani Barrackpore Express Way, Phase - III, Nadia, Kalyani, West Bengal 741235 Phone:098308 30770
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Temple Rituals

Daily Puja of Hanseswari Kali Maata made of blue neem wood.

Regular Offerings

Sweets, dhupas, clothes and hibiscus flowers to the goddess.

Special Rituals

Kali Puja, Amavasyas

Famous Festival

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