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Gundicha Mandir Puri

Odisha, Puri

Situated in Puri, Orissa, Gundicha Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Jagannath. The famous Rath Yatra of Puri is held at this temple. The shrine, located 3 km from Shree Jagannath Temple remain closed for the
rest of the year and opened during the Ratha Yatra festival. This ritual is called as the Nava Dina Yatra ( 9 days Journey), or Ghosa Yatra.


According to the legends, the temple is named after the queen of King Indradyumna, Gundicha. One day, Gundicha saw the divine image of Jagannath being created by the architect Vishwakarma. After that, Gundicha insisted on her husband to built a temple for Lord jagannath. According to another legend, Once Lord Jagannath and his consort Lakshmi decide to stay at Gundicha temple for seven days. However, Lord Jagannath leaves behind Lakshmi in the Ja...View more


Though, the Gundicha Temple stands to be built in the Kalinga style of architecture, but the glimpses of Deula style is predominant because of the use of the light-grey sandstone in the edifice. The temple premise comprise major 4 constituents- Vimana or the tower of the temple sanctum, Jagamohana or the assembly hall, Bhoga Mandapa where the offerings are served to the Almighty and the Nata Mandapa or the Festival Hall where dance performances a...View more

Darsan Info

Timings : Ratha Yatra is the ideal time to visit the pilgrim where the deities are relocated temporarily for their summer retreat.

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The rich culture of Puri reflects the true spirit of the Odisha Society. Puri, the temple town of the state is the pious place where the Jagannath cult and the different other Indian cults, especially Vaishnavism are synthesizing. Besides the strong religious aspects, the temples of Puri are the assets of India that tells us the long lost century old stories. Pilgrims from other states and abroad visit the Shreekhetra all throughout the year and especially during the Ratha Yatra festival, Nabakalebar (executed in every 12 years), Chandana Snana and for different other religious zests.
The second most striking thing of their culture to witness is the enriched art. The art and crafts of Puri district is simply breathtaking. Catching a glimpse of the handloom silk and cotton sarees to the pipli handicrafts can be an enticing exploration.
When it comes to performing art, Odisha has set its benchmark with the famous Odissi dance.  The gala dance celebration at the Sun Temple of Konark is worth mentioning in this regard. Every year the Konark Dance Festival is attended by many dance lovers across the country and the world to witness the hallmark performing art at the awe-inspiring shrine.

Location and Contact

Sri Jagannath Temple, Sri Nahar, Puri, Odisha

+91 6752252900

Puri is well connected by railway, roadways and airways. The temple is a few kilometers from the Puri Railway station.

Additional Info

  1. Shri Gundicha Bhakta Niwas (GUEST HOUSE)(+91 6752233351+91 6752233351,+91 6752233352+91 6752233352),Nilachal Bhakta Nivas(+91 6752222053+91 6752222053),Hotel Padma Puri (+91 9337270171+91 9337270171), Puri Hotel (+91 6752222114+91 6752222114), The Hans Coco Palms (+91 6752230038+91 6752230038), MAYFAIR Puri (+91 6752660660+91 6752660660)
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Temple Rituals

The temples is opened and cleaned when the deities are about to reach during the ratha Yatra Festival. During that time the idols are worshipped regularly for 7 days.

Regular Offerings

sweets, insence, candles, flowers, bhoga

Special Rituals

Ratha Yatra

Famous Festival

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