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Ellora Caves

Maharashtra, Aurangabad

Ellora is known for Hindu, Buddhist and Jain cave temples built during the rule of the Kalachuri, Chalukya and Rashtrakuta dynasties. The caves were built between 5th Century and 9th Century. The Hindu caves are believed to have been built between 6th & 8th Century. Jain caves represent the Digamabara sect and were built in 9th & 10th Century. Buddhist caves were built between 5th & 7th Century. Some of the  Hindu caves are believed to have been built even before the 5th century. Ellora is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and the caves are protected.


Ellora is known for being the largest single monolithic excavation in the world. It's twice the size of the marvellous Athena temple in Greece. The legendary nature of the caves could be understood from a copperplate, found at one of the caves. The inscription on the plates says that when Ellora was created, the divine and celstial beings were awestuck that such a structure could be Built. Ellora seemed as if it were always in existence and that ...View more


The architecture is a beautiful example of cave temple architecture. The monument is craved with details and shows the influence of Buddhism, Hindu and Jain expressions.Picture Courtesy : commons.wikimedia.org

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Aurangabad is named after the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb but the glory of Ellora precedes Mughal invasion. Ellora is the perfect example of religious harmony. Gods and Deities of different religions and sects still stand alongside each other. The fact that no religion destroyed the carvings and painting of the existing religion, epitomises the diverse Indian culture.

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Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431005

(+91) 240 233 1217

Regular Buses are available from Aurangabad to Verul. It is best to use a booked cab as the entie locality is splendidly beautiful and there are multiple tourist attractions at short distances.

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