Lakshmi Pooja Kit (64 Items)

Laxmi Puja Samagri Contents: - 64 Items in its pure form packed with utmost care.



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Worshipped as the mother Goddess and the female counterpart of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi is associated in Hindu traditions with wealth and prosperity.With prayers, devotion and festivities, on the day of Pooja, Lakshmi is invited into the homes of devotees to bless them with her divine presence. The puja is conducted in specific order of rituals with a myriad of items. These are offered to the Goddess, accompanied by chants and hymns, each item embodying a particular aspect of worship. The third day of Diwali is believed to be the most auspicious for worshipping the Goddess.

Every offering for the puja to the Goddess Mahalakshmi need to be sacred and should be pure and untainted. However, the accessibility to good quality puja articles in the markets as well as availability of many of the items required is a major hassle for many devotees. Easing your concern by providing you with the most credible items is our Lakshmi puja kit. All the items required for invoking the divinity of Lakshmi, impeccable in its quality, can be purchased Online at your convenience as single pack. We look forward to aid you in your pious devotion of the Goddess.

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Laxmi Puja Samagri Contents: - 64 Items in its pure form packed with utmost care.

Abhir(15 Gm), Agarbathi(1 Pack), Hawan Samagri(100 Gm), Akshat Rice - White(50 Gm),Akshat Rice - Yellow(50 Gm),Altar cloth - Red Cloth for Asan (.5 M), Altar cloth - White Cloth for Asan (.5 M), Altar cloth - Yellow cloth for Asan (.5 M), Ashtagandha powder(20 Gm), Itra (3 Ml), Supari(11 Nos), Karpoor(40 Gm), Elichi(5 Pc), Chunari for deviji(1 Piece), Laung(5 Piece), Maoli(1 Nos), Containers for prasad (10 Piece), Dhaniya(50 Gm), Cotton Vati round & long (1 Each), Devi Shringar- Bangles Green & Red, Cloth Piece, Comb, Hair Pins, Kajal, Mangal Sutra, Henna (Mehendi), Mirror, Nose Ring, sindhoor, Bindhi (1 each), Darbha grass (1 Bundle), Dhoop incense(1 Pack), Khadi Haldi(5 Piece), kharik (5 Nos), Footprints of Goddess Lakshmi sticker(2 Pair), Gangajal (50 Ml), Gomutra(50 Ml), Gulal(15 Gm), Janeu (1 Pack), Honey (15 Gm), Kapus vastra(1 Set), Roli (20 Gm), Diya(5 Piece), Kamal Gatta(9 Piece), Majeet Lakadi (15 Gm), Panch Ratn (1 Box), Panchmeva (50 Gm), Plastic Spoon, Pooja book - aarti book(1 Book), Nav dhanya(50 Gm),Rangoli Powder(50 Gm), Badam(5 Piece), Rose water(50 Ml), Kesar(1 Box), Chandan powder(20 Gm), Black Til(30 Gm), Sindoor(15 Gm), Mishri(20 Gm), Thoran(1 Piece), Haldi powder(20 GM), Vibhooti (30 GM), Peeli Sarson(20 GM).

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