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Chausath Yogini temple, Ekattarso Mahadeva Temple

Madhya Pradesh , Gwalior

Chausath Yogini Temple, dated to 1323 AD is also known as Ekattarso Mahadeva Temple. It is located in the Mitaoli village, near Padaoli in Morena district. The 14th century temple is believed to have been built by Maharaja Devapala. It is also a very rare temple as there are only about a half a dozen Chausath Yogini shrines in India. The yogini cult, in ancient days, was a secretive practice confined to few groups and had specific rituals and practices.


The 14th century temple is believed to have been built by Maharaja Devapala in 1323 AD. The inscription also reveals that the three temples in Morena - Mitawali, Padavali and Bateshwar formed a golden triangle within which around 1000 years, a centre for learning existed. The university was the centre of learning Hinduism, along with astrology and mathematics which were taught with the help of rays and movement of the Sun.


Mitawali temple is very different architecturally from the usual style of temple construction. It has no mandap, mukhya mandap or shikhar. Instead the temple has a main shrine circular in shape which houses a large Shivling around which is a outer circumambulatory path that opens into the central courtyard. The circumambulatory path has pillars which has sixty four niches, which originally housed statues of Yoginis, giving the temple its name. Cu...View more

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Darsan Dresscode

Devotees are advised to wear clean and conservative attire


Morena is a small town located near Gwalior. Wheat and oilseeds are the main crops, and building stone is quarried. Morena is known for its peacocks. Paan Singh Tomar, the famous Indian athlete was born here. Gajak is a well-known sweet from  Morena.

Location and Contact

Bateswar Temple Rd, Mitaoli, Madhya Pradesh

By Air: Gwalior is the nearest airport about 40 km from Mitawali. Taxis can be hired directly to Mitawali from the airport.

By Rail: Morena is the nearest railway station about 25 km from Mitawali. Taxis can be hired from the railway station to Mitawali.

By Road: Public and private buses are available from Gwalior or Morena to Mitawali. The temple is situated on top of a hill and there is a fleet of steps to be climbed to reach it.

Additional Info

  1. Accomodation is available only at Morena or Gwalior. Hotel Manhar residency(094244 72447), Hotel Adityaz (0751 247 2333)
  2. No. Available at Morena
  3. No. Available at Morena
  4. No. Available at Morena
  5. No. Available at Morena

Temple Rituals

The priests perform regular pujas and rituals

Regular Offerings

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