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Chamundeshwari temple

Karnataka , Mysore

Up the winding roads of Chamundi hills, with the beautiful city of Mysore sprawling beneath, stands one of the most important temples of the region, the Chamundeshwari temple. The shrine is dedicated to the divinity of the fierce form of Devi as Mahishasuramardhini, the slayer of demon Mahisha. The ancient shrine was small but over the centuries, the devotion of the rulers  and people of the area has converted this sanctum to its present prominence. It assumed significance after the Mysore Maharajas, the Wodeyars, in 1399 A.D. made Chamundeswari their guardian deity. Hoysala, Vijayanagara and Mysore rulers have contributed immensely to the renovations of the temple in various eras. The temple is considered one of the eighteen Maha Shakthipeethas


Mythology traces the origin of the temple to the slaying of Mahishasura. According to the legends, Mysore was the place of a demon called Mahishasura. He wrecked havoc o the lives of people here. On hearing the pleas of her devotees, Goddes Shakthi, took the avatar of the fierce Chamundeshwari and annihilated the demon. Legend also mentions the temple as one of the Shakthipeetha where the hair of the Sati devi is believed to have fallen while Shi...View more


Chanundeshwari temple is built in Dravidian architectural style. There is a huge seven tiered gopuram adorned with carvings. Atop the gopuram there are seven kalasha. The temple consists of main Doorway, entrance, navaranga hall, antharala mantapa, garbhagriha and prakara. The deity of the Goddess is ornate with beautiful clothing and jewels. There are statues of Mahishasur and Nandi near the temple. The Nandi monolith is the third largest of its...View more

Darsan Info

Timings : Chamundeshwari temple timings: 7.30 AM to 2 PM, 3.30 to 6 PM, 7.30 PM to 9 PM.
Tuesday and Friday are considered auspicious to seek the blessings of Chamundu devi. Chamundi hills is a 'no plastic zone'

Travel Support

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Darsan Dresscode

Devotees are advised to wear clean and conservative attire in the temple


Mysore, the cultural capital of South Karnataka, is known for its palaces the prominent among them being the Mysore Palace. The ten day festivities, procession and celebrations during Navarathri and Dussera in Mysore is a visual splendour. The city shines with the radiance of the lights as well as  spiritual devotion as thousands of tourists from all over the country come to witness the spectacle. Mysore is also known for its silk sarees, style of painting and the famed Mysore pak.

Location and Contact

Chamundi Hill, Mysuru, Karnataka

+91 8212590127

Mysore is well connected to the other parts of the country by rail and road. Bangalore is a major international flight hub from where Mysore is 150kms by road. From Mysore private and transport buses operate at 30 minute intervals to the Chamundi hills. Private vehicles and taxis can be availed for the uphill drive. Alternatively, for the adventure minded, there is a trek path of about 1000 steps.

Additional Info

  1. There is a 20 room guest house near the temple. 
    Alternatively accommodation for all budgets is available at Mysore
    Ginger hotel(0821 663 3333)
    Hotel Regaalis(0821 242 6426)
  2. Available at Mysore
  3. Available at Mysore
  4. Available at Mysore
  5. There is a Primary Health Care Unit at Chamundi Hills. Hospitals available at Mysore

Temple Rituals

The priests perform regular pujas and abhishekas to the deity. Abhishek is done twice a day, in the morning and evening

Regular Offerings

Coconuts, flowers, garlands, fruits

Special Rituals

Special worships, processions, pujas and celebrations are conducted during Navrathri and Dusserra

Famous Festival

October - Navrathri, Dussera, Rathothsava

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