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Bhuteshwar Temple

Haryana, Jind

Bhuteshwar temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva is one among the temples in the series of  48 kos parikrama. It is one among the shrines that pilgrims travel to to complete the parikrama of the holy city of Kurukshetra. The shrine is located in Jind, Haryana. The ruler of the district, Raghbir Singh, built the shrine.


48 kos parikrama means a 48 kos(an ancient unit of distance) circle around the holy city of Kurukshetra. There are several temples dotted around the city and visit all these pilgrims would complete a parikrama which is considered very sacred. Bhuteshwar temple is one of the sacred shires of the parikarma path.Some of the legends associated with the shrine include from Mahabharata which says that the Pandavas had an encounter with Prajapati Daksh,...View more


The Bhuteshwar temple is surrounded by a large water tank and hence also known as Rani Talab. The shrine has a conical white shikhara. The main idol of Bhuteshwar temple is of Lord Shiva. The idol is unique in that it is constructed from white stone and the deity has a human face. A golden coloured trident  or trishul stands beside the deity.pic courtesy : www.templepurohit.com

Darsan Info

Timings :

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Darsan Dresscode

Devotees are advised to wear clean and conservative attire.


Jind, known as the heart of Haryana is one of the oldest  places in the state. It is believed to have been founded during the time of Mahabharata.

Location and Contact

State Highway 14, Rani Talab, Jind, Haryana

By Air: Indira Gandhi International airport, Delhi is the closest airport to the temple and is located at a distance of 120 km  from the shrine.

By Train: Jind city station  connects the place by rail to other major cities. The shrine is less than a kilometre away from the station.

By Road: Jind is well connected by road to other parts of the state. Buses and taxis are available to the temple.

Additional Info

  1. Shahi Mahal (089508 15747)
    Dalamwala hotel(0168 125 3300)
    Hotel Abhinandan (0168 125 59630
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Temple Rituals

The priests perform regular puja and rituals to the deity.

Regular Offerings

Flowers and garlands

Special Rituals

The temple witnesses a huge flock of pilgrims and devotees during Maha Shivrathri

Famous Festival

March - Shivrathri
November - Diwali
December - Karthik Purnima

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