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Basukinath Temple

Jharkhand , Dumka

Many legendary stories are evolved centering the temple and these tales are believed to be the history behind the establishment of this century-old temple of Lord Shiva. It is believed that during the Sagar Manthan, Lord Vasuki, the serpent God worshipped the Shiva Lingam. For ages it is also believed that the Nagas (snakes of different species) used to bathe the Shiva Lingam with milk and hence the shrine came to be known as Baba Basukinath Dham. The temple is believed to be established in 1596.


According to legends, the Basukinath temple is believed to be the court of Lord Shiva. The Lord listens to his devotees who visit the Dham with respect and dedication. The Kanwariya ritual that is observed in Shravan has a close connection with this legend. The pilgrims carry earthen pots filled with holy water from Ganges and offer this 'Jal' at Ajgaibinath Mahadev in Deoghar and at Baba Dham. From there they have to march to the Baba Basukinath...View more


The Basukinath Temple is one of the oldest temples in Jharkhand. Alongside the main temple, many small temples are made throughout the campus and dedicated to different hindu deities. The temples are built in white marble and have been designed following the quintessential lotus shaped dome of the temples in Jharkhand area. There is a pond located nearby the temple called the Van Ganga. Pilgrims bathe in this holy pond before taking darshan of Lo...View more

Darsan Info

Timings : The temple is open from 7.00 AM till 7.00 PM.

For online/live darshan pilgrims can visit www.bababasukinath.com/e/onlinedarshan.html. 

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Darsan Dresscode

Though, no dress code restrictions are mentioned, wearing traditional clothes is suggested.


The century-old enriched history, music, art, religion, food and people exhibit the true essence of Jharkhand's culture. This new Indian state that has been dissected mostly from Bihar held its capital at Ranchi. There are multiple pilgrimages in this eastern state of India. Devotees from across the country and abroad come to this beautiful state to explore the shrines of their concerned sects. Besides, the temples, churches and mosques, the state of Jharkhand has many beautiful places to explore such as Netarhat, Deoghar, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Sahebganj, Maithon, Masanjore and more.

Location and Contact

Basukinath Village, Dumka, Basukinath, Jharkhand 814118

+91 9709062573, Government of Jharkhand (Tourism Dept) - +91 6512401040

To reach Basukinath Dham by Train, pilgrims have to drop by the Basukinath Railway Station and from there they can avail taxi, buses, auto rickshaw to reach the shrine. Those who are planning to visit the pilgrimage via air will have to land at the Birsha Munda or Patna airport. From there they can also avail private and public conveyances to reach the destination. By road also they can reach the temple of Basukinath via Deoghar - Dumka state highway. The Basukinath Temple is located at 25 km northwest of Dumka.

Additional Info

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    Suresh Kutir
    Mandal Dharamshala
    Shondik Seva Sadan
    Rourkela Kanwariya Sangh Dharamshala
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    Yadav Dharamshala & Tata Dharamshala
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Temple Rituals

Regular worshiping and aarti offerings. Besides, the special pujarchana is offered in special days like Maha Shiv Ratri, Ram-Janaki Vivah samaroh and so on.

Regular Offerings

Flower, Agarbati, Ganga jal, Aarati

Special Rituals

Kanwariya Yatra is one of the most important rituals for the devotees of Lord Shiva. Thousands of pilgrims visiting the shrine carry Ganga jal (water from the river) and walk to the Ajgaibinath Mahadev in Deoghar to pour water on the Shiva Linga there. They also walk to the nearby Baba Dham Temple in Deoghar and follow the rituals of offering the Ganga Water to Lord Shiva. Then afterwards, the devotees of Lord Maheshwar reach Baba Basukinath to pour water to the Shiva Linga there and this is how the Kanwariya Yatra during the month of Shravan is observed.
Another significant ritual of the Baba Basukinath Dham is the meeting of Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva during the evening aarti. The temples of Shiv ji and Mata Parvati are situated face-to-face. During the evening aarti when the temple gates are opened, the devotees are asked to move from the gates of the both two temples as there is a long belief that during this time, the two deities meet each other.

Famous Festival

January -    Basant-Panchami        
February -    Maghi Purnima    Maha Shivratri    
March -    Holi    Ram Navami Brata    
April -    Mesh Sankranti        
May -    Ganga Dashahara        
July -    Guru Purnima        
August -    Nag Panchami        
September -    Ganesh Puja, Radha Ashtami    
October -    Durga Puja,Laxmi Puja    
November -    Hanuman Jayanti, Kali Puja/Deepabali, Kartick Puja
December -    Ram Vivah Panchami

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