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Bakreshwar Devi Temple

West Bengal , Birbhum

Bakreshwar Temple of West Bengal by the banks of the Paaphra River is believed to be built of the endeavor of Ashtabakra Muni. It was the sage himself who requested Lord Vishwakarma to build the temple for him. Again history says, the edifice was erected by Darpanarayan in 1761 AD.
According to legends,Sudarshan Chakra mutilated the lifeless body of Sati and wherever Her body parts fell, a shakti peeth was formed. It is believed that the area becomes pious because of the presence of Mata Sati's body part.
At the Bakreshwar Shakti Peeth, a portion of the Devi's eyebrow (also said to be the mind) dropped. Here the Goddess is known as Devi Mahishmardini that means who destroyed Mahishasur and She is accompanied and protected by her consort Bhairav Vakranath, an incarnation of Lord Shiva.


The history of the temple dates back to the event of Dakshya Yajna and the episode of the self-immolation of Devi Sati at the sabha when She couldn't bear the vile words uttered by Her father Dakshya for her husband, Lord Shiva. To stop the Tandava of Mahadev, Lord Vishnu released his Sudarshan Chakra to mutilate the body of Devi. At the Bakreshwar Shakti Peeth, a portion of the Devi's eyebrow (also said to be the mind) dropped. Another very inte...View more


The white building was designed and built in the style of Rekha-Deul of Odisha. The sanctum sanctorum houses the idols of Devi Mahishmardini and Her Bhairav Bakranath. Many fine arts are collected from the temple, which are now preserved by the Archeological Survey of India.Picture Courtesy: www.kniairport.com

Darsan Info

Timings : Devotees can visit the temple from  6 :00 AM to 8:00 PM. To offer puja or anjali, they should bathe and be in fresh clothes.

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Darsan Dresscode

Though no dresscode is maintained, still modest clothing is preffered while visiting the Shakti Peeth in Bakreswar.


Known to be the 'mini-India' for its diverse geographical as well as cultural variations, West Bengal is also popular for housing over 14 shakti peeths. Coming back to the culture of this eastern state of India, since prior and the post-partition times, Bengal is famous for its enriched culture. From Darjeeling to the Sundarbans, and from Puruliya to the 'Rarh' area of Birbhum- each of the provinces has a unique cultural approach. Starting from the Bengali music, dance, theater, literature, art, and notwithstanding the mouthwatering cuisine- West Bengal has successfully created a mark for its exclusive aesthetics in the world panorama.

Location and Contact

Bakreswar Shakti Peeth, Birbhum district, West Bengal 731123

West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. Hemanta Bhawan, 12 B.B.D. Bag (East), Kolkata-700 001 Phone: 033-4401 2086/4401 2082, Fax: 2231 4063

Regular buses ply from Kolkata to Suri and to Bakreshwar. Otherwise, pilgrims can also avail trains as well as rent a car to reach the temple.From Kolkata, the Temple is around 240 Kms.

Additional Info

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    Hotel Banquest Inn
    Hotel Yubraj
    Sarada Hotel N Restaurant
  2. HDFC, UCO, Axis
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Temple Rituals

The regular temple rituals start with the Snana of both Maa Mahisasurmardini and Her Bhairav. After that the clothes are changed and nitya puja is performed per rituals. During the puja, fresh crimson hibiscus and Crown flowers. Sweets are offered to the Gods. Alongside, aarti with Karpur and dhupa are shown to the deities inside the garbha griha.

Regular Offerings

Fruits, sweetmeats, milk and bel leaves or Bilva Patra to the Gods

Special Rituals

Maha Shivratri is celebrated with great pomp here. The devotees of Lord Shiva here called Bakranath starves for the whole day so that by the evening they can pour water to the Shiva Lingam and worship the lord for the whole night. On the next day morning, they break their fast by taking the prasad of Lord Shiva. Along with Bakranath, Devi Mahisasurmardini is also worshipped by following all the Vedic rituals.

Famous Festival

March -    MahaShivratri
A grand fair is organized at the Bakreshwar Shakti peeth during the occasion of Maha Shivratri.

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