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Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple, Achalgarh

Rajasthan , Sirohi

In the picturesque hill station of Mount Abu, in the state of Rajasthan, situated just outside the famed Achalagarh fort is the Achaleshwar Mahadeva temple. The temple estimated to be more than 2500 years old is that divine place where the great toe of Lord Shiva is worshiped, that is believed to be going to the centre of the earth. The temple is believed to have been constructed sometime in the 9th century AD, and by the Paramara dynasty, which is also credited with having constructed the original structure of the Achalgarh Fort, later reconstructed, renovated and named as Achalgarh by Maharana Kumbha in 1452 CE. The temple, later was covered under layers of lime and remained unknown and forgotten. Years later in 1979, the then crown prince of Sirohi chanced upon the structure. His artisans repaired and refurbished the temple. The Nandi, made of Panchaloha(five metals), is said to have fought the Mughal invaders by releasing millions of bumble bees to attack them.


According to local legend, the temple is built around a toe print of Shiva. It is believed that when the earth was undergoing a massive upheaval in its early days, Lord Shiva pressed with his toe to keep it stable. Close to the temple is a pond with three large stone buffalo statues. These buffaloes are believed to be representative of demons who, according to legend, drank up all the ghee in the pond, until they were shot dead by the King.


The temple is situated on top of a hillock, outside the fort of Achalgarh. The temple is built in white marble, pristine, serene and brilliantly sculpted. Two elephants facing each other stands tall at the entrance gate of the shrine. The garbhagriha or the sanctum has the worship of the toe of Lord Shiva. A long golden serpent, flowers and garlands adorn the central section. The Nandi is made of an alloy of five different metals. Within the temp...View more

Darsan Info

Timings : Temple timings : 5.00 AM to 7.00 PM
The temple is popular for the belief of the devotees that prayers here would lead to successful marriage of bachelors and spinsters.

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Darsan Dresscode

Devotees are advised to wear clean and conservative clothing.


Mount Abu is a popular hill station in the Aravalli Range in Sirohi district of Rajasthan state in western India.  It has been a favoured destination for tourists away from the heat of Rajasthan and neighbouring Gujarat for centuries. The Achalgarh fort was built in the 14th century by Rana Kumbha of Mewar. The fort is now in ruins.

Location and Contact

Achalgarh, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India

By road - Mount Abu is well connected by road to other cities of Rajasthan. The temple is situated eleven kms from Mount Abu. One can hire a local taxi to reach the temple from the railway/bus station. Or alternatively you can ride a two wheeler to the temple.                                                                                                 
By air - Maharana  Pratap airport in Udaipur is 180 kms fromMount Abu. Taxis and buses are available from the airport.

Additional Info

  1. Ratna Vilas (0998309294)
    Hotel Polo View (02974 235487)
  2. SBI ATM (at Mount Abu)
  3. Yes (at Mount Abu)
  4. Yes (at Mount Abu)
  5. Yes (at Mount Abu)

Temple Rituals

The temple priests conduct regular pujas and offerings to the deities.

Regular Offerings

Flowers, milk

Special Rituals

The Shivling in the temple is believed to change the colour thrice a day. The Shivling is red in the morning, then it changes its colour to saffron in the afternoon. In the evening, finally, the colour changes to wheatish.

Famous Festival

March - Maha Shivrathri (Feb/Mar)
October - Navrathri
November - Deepavali

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