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Maa Aambika Sthan, Aami Mandir

Bihar, Saran

Aambika Bhawani Mandir or AMI in Chapra is the place where according to mythology when lord Shiva carried the dead body of "Sati" from the holy yagnakund of Daksh Prajapati, the trunk of Sati's body fell. This pyre is believed to be still present within the compound of "Ambika Sthan temple". Though the exact date and time of establishement of this Shakti Peeth is unknown, reference of the shrine can be found in the Shiv Purana.


Per legend and references from Shiv Puran, it is said that when the proud King Prajapati Daksh, son of Brahma rebuked Lord Shiva in front of Sati, his daughter during the occasion of the Daksha Yajna that he had arranged. It was intolerable for SatiDevi to listen to the mal words uttered by Daksha against Her husband- Lord Shiva and so Sati sacrificed Her life. When Mahadev came to know about His beloved Sati's sacrifice, He started the Tandava b...View more


The fort-shaped temple is situated by the River Ganga at Saran, which is popular for its annual flood. But it is believed that  the flood water never touches the temple. The locals also believe that if the flood water touches the shrine, the temple will turn blood red. Near the temple there is a garden and a deep and broad well which never dries up.

Darsan Info

Timings : Devotees can visit the temple early morning on empty stomach, if they want to offer puja to Mata. Inside the Aami temple, photography is not allowed.

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Darsan Dresscode

No strict dresscode is followed to visit this Aambika Bhawani Temple.


Over the ages, Bihar has been the center of attraction regarding its involvement since the days of Ramanayana and the Mahabharata. The capital of the mighty Mauryan Empire was also at Pataliputra- which lies in the present day Bihar.  Even today, many important relics of Emperor Chandra Gupta Maurya, Bindusara and the mightiest of them all Emperor Ashoka are found.
Moreover, Bihar proudly houses the centers of learning like the famous Nalanda University and the prestigious Vikramshila University during the ancient times.
The state boasts on its flagship religious culture, the enriched heritage that grew up associating different popular shrines in Bihar.  Alongside, Bihar's culture extends to the vibrant Madhubani art and Manjusha art.

Location and Contact

Aambika Bhawani Mandir Maa Ambika Sthan Aami, Dighwara, Bihar 841207

+91 8507620244, +91 9582729094

Nearest airport to Aami Mandir is Jaiprakash Narayan Airport Patna from where the shrine is around 57 Kms. The nearby railhead is Dighwara railway station, located at a distance of 3Km from the shrine. Different modes of local transports like Tempo, tonga (tamtam), bus and auto are available from both the airport and the railway station. The Aami village is located by the NH -19 connecting major cities of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Additional Info

  1. Accomodation near Aami Mandir -
    Vatika Premier Hotel
    VijayaTej Clarks Inn
    Hotel Buddha Heritage
    OYO Rooms
    The Panache
  2. PNB, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI
  3. Yes
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  5. Yes

Temple Rituals

At Ambika Sthan Temple, the idol of the Devi is created with the soil known as "Pinda". Daily the Devi is worshipped by Vedic mantras and holy chants along with several rituals of snana, bhoga distribution and regular aarti offerings.

Regular Offerings

Flowers, sindur, sweets, clothes.

Special Rituals

Pilgrims visit this place mainly during the Navratri- the main festival of the Ami Mandir besides Dusserra, Shiv-Parvathi vivah and Shiv ratri. Besides the regular puja, the devotees indulge themselves in Jagaran or Jagratha- a bhajan tradition of worshipping Mata Bhawani.

Famous Festival

March -    Shivratri    
October - Navratri, Dussehera

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